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Updated: 5th October 2010

The Toy Shop Massive Savings

There are some great savings available right now at These are live until 20th October. All orders over £30 are delivered for free at and you can even collect at your local Entertainer store for free too! We at Hot Christmas Gifts know that there will be more offers as Christmas approaches, so keep returning to the site; or contact us if you want updates (please provide e-mail for updates only - no other information will be sent without permission).

Hot Christmas Gifts TIP: Read the reviews (link normally found above toy description on the Toy Shop site), not all toys have good enough reviews! We have left out one or two toys which we feel are not quite up to the mark.

blank The Toy Shop Great Savings

Monopoly Revolution

Monopoly Revolution - Was £29.99 Now £22.49 Save 25%

Monopoly Revolution is a fresh version of that favourite board game, Monopoly, introduced to celebrate Monopoly's 75th Anniversary. There is a circular board with brand new graphics. With built in songs and sound effects, the Electronic Banking Unit will make this a Monopoly experience that you will love. Race around the board buying property, making money, and avoiding jail.
Now, when you get a Chance card, you can either take it yourself, or pass it onto another player. Will you miss out on a huge bonus, or avoid a massive fine? The electronic unit also randomly gives out Chance cards throughout the game, to give you an extra challenge if it's your turn! This version also comes with an electronic banking feature, that replaces the cash in the game with bank cards.
Recommended for ages 8 years and above.

Lion Cub

Alive Mini Cubs - Was £20 Now £10 Save 50%
A wonderful way to encourage imaginative play, care for this adorable soft toy lion cub from the Alive Minis range and give him hugs too.
Feed me my bottle, my eyes close and i make cute feeding noises. I fall alseep when you leave me alone and I know when you pick me up!
A cute interactive soft toy for children with a love for animals. Press the back of this furry Alive Minis Lion Cubs head to hear him make sounds. For ages 3 years and above.

Pig Goes Pop

Pig Goes Pop - Was £17 Now £12.75 Save 25%
Feed the pig and watch him get bigger until... POP! How many burgers can you feed him in this tense and thrilling game?
This hilarious and exciting game features a tubby pig chef, and four colourful sets of four mini "burgers". Take it in turns to roll the colourful die, feed the pig a burger, and pump the pigs head the number of times the burger tells you. Each pump makes his tummy grow bigger and bigger, until his belt breaks loose and his coat pops open! If that happens on your turn, you lose, otherwise you keep going until his belly pops out of his coat! Then you can twist his tail and do up his coat and belt to get him ready to start again. No Batteries are required.

Remote Control Noddy Plane Remote Control Noddy Plane - Was £20 Now £10 Save £10
The Noddy R/C Plane is a fun remote control toy for children age 18 months and up. A great remote control vehicle for pre-school children.
Please note: Noddy RC Plane does not fly.

Graco Baby Doll Playset Baby Born Fashion Mega Pack - Was £49.99 Now £19.99
This playset contains everything you need to keep your Graco Baby Doll (not included) entertained and happy. Take your baby for a gentle stroll in her own cute pushchair but make sure she's well sheltered from the elements. Place the doll into her personal carrier and either make a swing for her to rock in or a highchair for feeding. The playset also features a realistic playgym, lie your doll on her back and play with the shapes that hang down. When leaving the baby make sure you take one of the 'baby monitors' with you, just in case you are needed!

Baby Born Fashion Mega Pack

Graco Baby Doll Playset - Was £24.99 Now £14.99
This stylish clothes pack contains three outfits for your Baby Born doll. When you want her looking smart, there is a pink jacket with jeans. For going outdoors and staying warm, Baby Born will love the sporty blue hoody with matching joggers. Finally, if you want your Baby Born to look pretty, she has a combination of white skirt and pink top, with matching bloomers.

Bakugan Bakubowl Arena Bakugan BakuBowl Arena - Was £25 Now £12.50

The Bakugan Bakubowl is the ultimate Bakugan battle arena. This great pop-open fabric arena lets you battle friends and enemies with your Bakugan. The arena features 4 BakuRamps that allow you to perform unique rebound shots when deploying your Bakugan. Each ramp also provides storage for up to 6 Bakugan and 10 cards, making it possible to store 24 Bakugan and 40 cards during play. The arena comes with a Bakugan (styles vary) included to enlarge your collection.

Take Along Thomas Face Carry Case Take Along Thomas Face Carry Case + 3 Engines - Was £29.99 Now £9.99

Open up this cool carry case, featuring Thomas the Tank Engine's face on the front, to reveal several compartments for your engines to fit inside. The Thomas case, holding up to 20 vehicles, features a convenient carry handle allowing the case to be easily transported by young children. A great way to store your Take Along collection, this carry case comes with 3 die cast engines; Thomas, Toby and Arthur.

Automatic Tommy 20 Automatic Tommy 20 + Belt Blaster Pack - Was £59.99 Now £29.99

Automatic Tommy 20 and Belt Blaster Pack are 2 cool toy guns, from Air Blasters, with 50 soft foam darts. Belt Blaster features 30 shells for 30 soft darts, there's rapid fire pump action with automatic belt advance! Squeeze trigger on the Motorized Automatic Tommy 20 for continuous blasting, there is also quick reload action for 20 soft darts!

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