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We hope any comments on this page will be helpful to you when you are considering whether to purchase Monopoly City. If you liked that old favourite Monopoly then this a more challenging version.

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Monopoly City - first review

Monopoly City - A Wide-Spanning Take on a Board Game Classic

Fans of the classic wheeling-and-dealing game Monopoly will definitely enjoy this new spin on the classic board game with Monopoly City. Monopoly City is a modern take on this classic game of chance and strategy, money and properties have been given a high upgrade. Gone are the days of single-colored houses and hotels - now, Monopoly City includes full-scale, 3-D Buildings as well as higher currency values reaching to the millions. Property cards have also undergone a major overhaul - permits for schools, jails, water towers, and sewage centers have been added to the original main facilities.

Many people praised the more lenient rules of Monopoly City, allowing for faster property purchase and quicker game time. One reviewer said that it did not drag like the original version. Other customer reviews lauded the new building designs, electronic features and play pieces of the game. One reviewer praised the fact that more strategy was needed to play this version of Monopoly. Furthermore, other players loved the expanded environments and property permits included in Monopoly.

Some of the reviews noted some concerns on the new currency, stating that it was a bit difficult for them to migrate to the new 'millions' system. One reviewer said that the electronic trading unit did not come with the two required AAA batteries. Others have said that the large size of the buildings made them more prone to toppling. However, a great number of the reviewers still praised the new features of Monopoly City.

Monopoly City provides a delightful twist on this classic board game. Now, kids and even the whole family can engage in a new and exciting game that combines the comfort of familiarity and several new twists and turns. Monopoly City is the perfect choice for a Christmas gift or weekend game for friends and relatives.

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