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The Lego minotaurus - Reviews

We hope any reviews on this page will help you in deciding whether to buy the board game Lego Minotaurus. Perhaps this a game which will amuse your children and provide some good social interaction for the family.

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Lego Minotaurus - first review

The LEGO Minotaurus is the first release from LEGO Games and is a buildable board game. You construct the Minotaur's maze and then race against the other players to be the first to reach the temple while avoiding the Minotaur and hindering your opponents by placing maze walls in their way. Two to four people can play and each player is given three playing pieces. For each turn, the player rolls the die, which allows them to move three to six spaces, move the Minotaur eight spaces towards an opposing player or move a maze wall anywhere you want depending on what comes up on the die. If the Minotaur lands on a player's piece that piece must return to the start of the maze. To win, a player must get two pieces to the temple (or just one in a three or four player game).

The LEGO Minotaurus set contains 12 LEGO micropieces plus a Minotaur piece, a buildable die, a base board, hedge and maze wall pieces, a construction manual and a rule book.

Good Features of the LEGO Minotaurus:

The gameplay of the LEGO Minotaurus is simple enough to appeal to its target audience of children seven years above, while still being fairly complex enough not to bore parents and older children. The construction aspect of the game is also sure to appeal to children and, once the board has been completed, you can store it in it's entirely in the box. Plus, the LEGO Minotaurus lets you construct your own mazes, adding to the challenge and the replayability value of the game. And, the game takes only twenty to thirty minutes to play, short enough to be enjoyed and even replayed several times an afternoon while avoiding the tedium of longer games.

Not So Good Features of the LEGO Minotaurus:

The gameplay lacks depth, which may make it unappealing to adult family members, although this is alleviated somewhat by the aspect of being able to move the maze walls to block other players which adds an element of strategy to the game.


Is the LEGO Minotaurus worth buying? Definitely. While the gameplay may be simple, there is enough challenge in it to interest even adults. And the rules can be changed or modified by altering the dice or the layout of the board to make the game more challenging as well as giving a reason to keep replaying the game. You can even use pieces from other LEGO sets with the game. Overall ranking for the LEGO Minotaurus: nine out of ten stars.

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