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We hope any comments on this page will be helpful to you when you are considering whether to purchase one of the Kidizoom Cameras. There is a pink and a blue camera available; there used to be a camouflage colour but we do not think that is available anymore. The price has fluctuated a lot over the previous year so check our price comparisons page.

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Kidizoom Camera - first review

A summary of lots of reviews suggest that most users have had positive experiences:-

Fun and Easy Photography with VTech Kidizoom Cameras

Your kids can now become junior photographers, thanks to the VTech line of Kidizoom Cameras for the artistic toddler. Each Kidizoom Camera is packed with kid-friendly features - for instance, the VTech Kidizoom Plus comes with a 1.8 inch color screen that allows children to digitally preview photos they've taken. Its 16 Mb memory capacity can be augmented with an SD memory card slot, storing more than 200 photos or 5 minutes of video. The priority for children truly shines with the damage-resistant easy hold grips and the stylish faceplates, as well as the two-eye viewing system that maintains the balance between the two eyes.

Many of the reviewers praised the Kidizoom Cameras for their ability to accommodate children who want to play with their parents' cameras. One parent said that the Kidizoom helped their daughter take pictures from their whole vacation, while another parent said that the interface turned her son into a budding photographer. Most reviewers praised the durability of the camera, allowing even the most active children to accidentally drop it and still take pictures.

One reviewer thought that the shutter speed of the camera needed improvement, as moving subjects were often taken as blurs in the picture. Aside from the picture quality, others have said that the battery life was a bit lacking, and needed high-quality brands to perform well. Despite this, most of the people who bought it said that their kids enjoyed playing with the Kidizoom.

The VTech brand of Kidizoom Cameras might be beneath adults and professional photographers, but many of the customers recommended it for children just beginning to enter the world of taking pictures. VTech Kidizoom Cameras are sure to be a delight for children who unwrap it during a birthday or during the holidays.

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