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First Steps Baby Walker - Reviews

We hope any comments on this page will help you in deciding whether to buy the First Steps Baby Walker from VTech. It is not just a walker but it is one of VTech's educational toys.

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First Steps Baby Walker - first review

First Steps Baby Walker by acclaimed electronic educational toys company VTech will help guide your little angel through his first baby steps, using adaptive technology, and is designed for babies aged six to thirty months old. The sturdy walker features an easy-to-grip handle and textured wheels to give your baby plenty of support while he is learning to walk, as well as a front panel learning center with plenty of interactive activities that will keep them engrossed for hours, including: The learning panel also plays ten nursery rhymes in five musical styles and can be detached from the walker to allow your baby to play with it on the floor. It uses three AAA batteries and is available in yellow or pink.

Good Points:
The First Steps Baby Walker will surely capture the attention of your baby due to the variety of activities included that help develop an assortment of skills. The walker also folds up flat so that it can easily be transported anywhere baby goes or stored in a small place when not in use.

Bad Points:
This baby walker is ideally used under the supervision of a parent or guardian depending on how steady your baby is on their feet, since it is best used to give the baby some support when they're starting to learn how to walk. Since it is not weighed in front to keep the walker lightweight and the wheels cannot be locked, there is also the possibility that the toy might be pulled backwards if the baby falls while using it (although there is no risk of injury since it is made of light plastic).

Summary: The First Steps Baby Walker is a must-buy for your baby, since it is sure to grab their attention and hold it as they grow and develop. And when used under the supervision of mom or dad, the walker will also help build their confidence while they're learning to walk. My overall rating for the First Steps Baby Walker is nine out of ten stars.

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