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We hope any comments on this page will help you in deciding whether to buy the Elmo Live. It is fair to say that the toy is becoming a little 'old hat' and it is no longer easy to find any top retailers selling it. Also it is becoming much more expensive than it was in past years. So it is likely you are only considering this toy because somehow your child has seen one of the old Sesame Street programs and really likes Elmo. If you cannot find any link on this site to a merchant selling this toy please contact us, using link at bottom of page, and we will try to help.

There are various other Elmo-related products available. One of the more recent toys is the Sesame Street Lets Rock Elmo Toy

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Elmo Live - first review

After a look at various user reviews our first reviewer has found some good and not so good reviews from parents:-

Elmo Live is the perfect toy companion for children who love Elmo, the red-colored, jolly resident of Jim Henson's Sesame Street. Elmo is highly interactive - his feet, hands, and nose can be squeezed and touched to make Elmo tell stories, sing songs and even tell jokes for your kids! Elmo can express a large and highly amusing array of actions: from waving his hands and tapping his feet, to tapping his chin and even performing a dance. For just 6 AA batteries, Elmo Live beautifully recreates the puppet-like actions and cheery personality of the popular character.

The Fisher-Price Elmo Live received generally positive reviews from parents. Most of the parents praised the realistic actions - one of the reviewers said that their daughter immediately came to love Elmo as the voice asked for a hug. Many of the other reviewers said that they loved the way their kids responded to Elmo's series of jokes, especially the special 'Elmo and the Giant' story. One reviewer said that Elmo Live made it seem like they were watching a live puppet show, while another said that the vast interactive functions gave her grandsons endless fun and entertainment.

One reviewer found the six-AA battery capacity to be costly and hard to replace. Some reviewers also mentioned that the toy could be a little too noisy due to its mechanical functions. Others mentioned that Elmo was a little too heavy and hard to cuddle and handle, partly because of the slightly thin fur. Furthermore, others were concerned over a lack of expandable content which could have added more sounds and activities through an external port. However, a majority of the reviews were fairly positive.

With its series of songs and dances as well as it's highly kid-friendly features, the Fisher-Price Elmo Live is the perfect plaything to give any child for Christmas, birthdays or any other special occasions.

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