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Monopoly City

Monopoly City

An updated version of that old favourite game of monopoly - but definitely more exciting and fun.

If you are finding the game of monopoly a bit stale you will love this modern version.

One of our top christmas gifts for children, families and grown ups!

Ideal for all ages up from about 8 years old. Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

Monopoly City is just like classic monopoly in layout, rules and gameplay. However there are several neat changes, with newly named properties, new monetary values, futuristic buildings, and new playing cards.

This board game will teach your kids about what it takes to be the best property developer and the work that goes into building their dream city. With the goal of owning the prestigious Monopoly tower, your kids will be learning important lessons about money while wheeling and dealing their way to the top.

In Monopoly City the board is similar to the original monopoly board with some interesting changes, which make the game more of a challenge. Chance cards remain (and must be stacked off - board) but community chest squares have been replaced by chance squares. Instead of houses and hotels there are various buildings that can be built, any time on your turn, on any of your properties. Electricity Company and Water Works have also gone.

The key differences are that you can build on a property immediately, before having a set, and that you can build several different types of building (residential buildings, industrial buildings, stadiums, skyscrapers, bonus buildings, and hazards). The special board spaces, chance cards, and use of railroads are also different.

The traditional properties are replaced by 'districts' mapped to the previously underutilised real estate in the centre of the board. Once owned by a player a district may be developed with up to eight blocks of residential or industrial buildings. Possession of a complete color suite is not required to build but the number of blocks that may be built during any turn is limited to 1, 2 or 3 by the outcome of a button press to a battery powered gadget called a "Trading Unit" (and by the amount of cash to hand)

A skyscraper may be built when a full colour suite is owned, doubling the rent payable for all districts of that colour.

What you find in the box:-

Monopoly On Line

On-line versions of Monopoly City are available, particularly Monopoly City Streets.