Kidizoom Twist Blue Camera

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Kidizoom Blue Camera

Kidizoom Twist Blue Camera

This gift provides lots of fun, is easy to use, is reasonably priced, is robust and is educational.

A durable, kid's camera from the Vtech range - lots of features, including making videos and playing games.

One of our top christmas gifts for children

The VTech Kidizoom Twist Camera is the latest model (2011) in the VTech range of children's cameras. It features an innovative rotating lens which allows youngsters to take self portraits. A great way for young children to learn about digital cameras and photography Very easy to learn how to use!

Sturdy, easy-to-use digital camera for kids. Takes pictures, captures video; features viewfinder, flash and 1.8-inch colour LCD screen. Links to TV or PC, cables included. Includes in-built games that can be played on the move or via a TV. Suitable for ages 3 years and up.

It has 16MB internal memory, which is sufficient for quite a large number of photos. SD cards up to 2GB can be purchased if extra memory is required (probably not needed I would say).

The blue camera may not be the colour you want, so the kidizoom camera is available in different colours, pink for the girls and camouflage for any adventurous children.

The kidizoom camera also includes a carry strap and interchangeable faceplates for personalization.

What you find in the box:-

The kidizoom blue camera is a good example of the VTech range, having an exellent educational value. The games are stimulating, one example being the jigsaw game using pictures that the child has taken.

A kid's camera - easy to learn how to use

Definitely not a camera for professionals, but for young children it is perfect - nice and simple. It is easy to hook up to a TV in order to see any pictures taken by the camera. It is also very easy to upload the photos to a PC.

We positively recommend this camera. The kidizoom blue camera is a product which is reasonably priced and will make an ideal christmas gift for a young child. It will provide amusement and education, what more could you ask for! And, one of the most important things that all users say: It is very robust.