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Electronic Snap Circuits

Electronic Snap Circuits

Top Christmas Toy 2009

We would like to introduce you to an excellent example of Electronic Snap Circuits.

Hot Wires is the ultimate in snap together electronics. You can make anything from a flying disk to a burglar alarm, from a voice recorder to an FM radio with automatic station selection or even a lie-detector, and that's just for starters! Simply follow the full colour step-by-step instructions to become your very own resident electronic wizard!

Hot Wires is designed to teach the principles of electronics to children of all ages from 8 years upwards. The easy-to-handle components snap together to create a huge number of difference circuits on the base board. All wires are secured within the components so the kit is entirely safe and amazingly simple to operate. The circuits are activated by touch, water, light and sound, resulting in flashing bulbs, a motorised fan and flying disk, and many brilliant sound effects.

The instruction book contains 112 circuit patterns (experiments), each illustrated by a clear picture showing the placement of numbered component pieces and presenting a brief explanation of how to achieve the desired effect. Instructions must be followed exactly in order to avoid short circuiting.

Hot Wires

An understanding of electronics is a vital part of all children's scientific education. Hot Wires removes the frustrations of handling small and delicate components, replacing them with fail safe systems with guaranteed results.

Electronic Snap Circuits sets are a great, modern way of learning about electronics. Hot Wires is an excellent example of the kits that are available and we thoroughly recommend this electronic kit.

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