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First Steps

The First Steps Baby Walker is not some magical contraption that causes your baby to walk in a few short weeks, but it is just a helpful and educational aid.

Parents are right to want their new child to be walking as soon as possible. But, of course, there should be no pressure to reach this developmental milestone too soon. Most parents will remember their child's first steps for the rest of their lives, particularly the enjoyment of the child as he, or she, takes those first steps.

Children generally learn to walk anywhere between seven and sixteen months of age. Before a baby will walk, however, she, or he, will likely engage in some pre-walking behaviours such as pushing up from the floor, rocking on his/her stomach, pulling up into a sitting position, scooting on his/her bum and crawling on all fours. Crawling in itself is a milestone, but some children start out by crawling either by using the arms and legs on the same side or by moving both legs and then both arms. This is entirely natural, and children usually progress to crawling with opposite arms and opposite legs all on their own.

Many children also engage in aided walking before walking on their own, such as pulling themselves up and walking while grasping the edge of a table, or walking while balancing with the help of a parent.

The First Steps Baby Walker provides them with another aid, which is a lot more interesting - providing moving support.

There are two different colours available: the PINK First Steps Baby Walker and the UNISEX First Steps Baby Walker

First Steps