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Fijit a Robotic Toy

Fijit friends are one of the top christmas toys, predicted by some retailers to be one of the very best selling toys in 2011.

Fijit robots are designed for girls; but there is hope that, due to the technology involved, boys will fall in love with them also.

These interactive robotic toys are kind of like the modern day teddy bear, only without the fluff. These are adorable little toys with their plump round bodies and large goggle eyes on a smiling face. They are made with a soft, rubbery, supple skin that bends and stretches to their movement when they dance.

The foot-high robots, which come in a variety of pastel shades and with soft plastic skin, are able to respond to some basic human commands. When you say goodnight, they respond by closing their eyes and snoring; when you tickle them, they laugh; if you ask them to chat with you they have many set phrases with which to respond.

The voice recognition facility is one of the main features which will make this robotic toy popular with children. This capability allows it to understand and respond to 30 different phrases and there are over 150 built-in responses allowing them to chat.

These robotic toys are so versatile - they dance, talk, giggle and sing. The dancing is individual to each style of song played. This is due to the in-built beat detection function allowing the cute toy to dance to the beat. For example, if you played a slow song she would move and dance slowly. If you played a dance track she will wobble, twist, bend and basically dance till the music stops! When the dance is over she will do a little bow.

The singing is another great feature. Each Fijit Robot has four unique songs of their own in different styles. These are perfect for a child's bedtime. When it is time to go to sleep all you have to do is say, 'Good night' and she will yawn and then fall asleep. You will know she is asleep because her head will bow down and she will begin to quietly snore. A small light in her belly will turn on and stay on for ten minutes. This acts as a night light. The Fijit Friends also respond to touch. Just squeeze or poke its belly and she will giggle, wiggle or bounce.