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Get the Groove on with Dance Star Mickey

Kids have never had so much fun busting a move and dancing than what is waiting for them with Dance Star Mickey. All it takes to get the excitement started is a quick press on Mickey's foot and your child's eyes will light up as he comes to life. This is all it will take to make your kids want to hurry up, get up, get active, and dance their little hearts away. This is one of Disney's favorite fun-loving pals that know exactly how to provide any child with an ultimate, exciting, and energetic interactive experience.

Any child that is 18 months old to 6 years old with have a blast interacting and dancing with Dance Star Mickey. There are 6 different songs that can be played, each with its own unique style. Your child will find it simply irresistible to dance along with the groove and beat of styles that include the Moonwalk and Latin techno. As each different song begins to play, he starts moving his feet in step to a different dance. What is even more exciting is not only does this Disney pal dance, but he also walks, talks, and has several different funny gestures that will have everyone laughing.

If this isn't enough for Dance Star Mickey to rock and groove right into the heart of your child, there is more in store. They are sure to be won over with one of his signature dances and a grand finale that is absolutely 'out of this world'. It never gets boring with this little guy around, as there are numerous interactive games that are featured that all kids are sure to love. There's no better way for your child to have fun and get some healthy exercise and lively entertainment all at the same time.