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Cheap Children's Toys

Are you looking for a cheap toy for any child? Hot Christmas Gifts has found some for you. Toys shown here are suitable for both boys and girls (in our opinion anyway!). We are not sure how to best define cheap, but we have concentrated on finding toys costing less than £20. For us cheap does not equal poor quality, so we have made sure they are worth the price. Cheap Childrens Toys will continue to be added to our list as Christmas approaches. Despite the low prices we have found some of the top christmas toys around at the moment.

Cheap Childrens Toys from Baker Ross

blank Brain Teaser Puzzles The Clever Detective Maths Game Brain Box Nature Memory Game

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These toys are from the Baker Ross Natural Science range. We at Hot Christmas Gifts are great supporters of all learning toys.

Brain Box Nature Memory Game: A fun memory recall game for children to test how many things they can remember in 10 seconds. Contains 53 picture/question cards with colourful illustrations which relate to the natural world, plants and animals, a timer and dice. There can be 1 player, or more. For ages 8 and above. Price: £9.99 .

The Clever Detective Maths Game: An exciting game in which players have to do sums in order to compile a wanted poster. Whoever finishes their poster first wins. Players 2-4. Suitable for children aged over 5 years. Price: £9.99 . Alternative source at Amazon, price £12.99.

Brain Teaser Puzzles: Brain teaser puzzles to test one's skill and co-ordination. Age 3+, but possibly suitable for adults!. Price: Box of 12 £7.92 , Box of 36 £22.68.

Cheap Children's Toys From Amazon

Blank Tomy Pop Up Pirate

Tomy Pop Up Pirate: A fun game for the family - 2 to 4 players. Involves putting swords into a barrel until one sword causes the Pirate to pop up. The unlucky player who 'pops up' the sword drops out and game continues until winner is left at the end. Recommended ages are 4 to 6 years. Price: £16.82 (was only £9.49, maybe the popularity has caused rise in price!). Very good customer reviews.