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Are you looking for a cheap toy for a boy? Hot Christmas Gifts has found some for you. We are not sure how to best define cheap, but we have concentrated on finding toys costing less than 20. For us cheap does not equal poor quality, so we have made sure they are worth the price. Cheap Boys Toys will continue to be added to our list as Christmas approaches. Despite the low prices we have found some of the top christmas toys around at the moment. It is a matter of opinion whether the toys shown below are only suitable for boys - we will leave you to decide!

Cheap Boys Toys from Amazon

Super Stomp Rocket Kit Wooden Police Car Blow Copter Bouncing Putty LEGO Creator 626 Green Baseplate

LEGO Creator 626 Green Baseplate: A green baseplate measuring 10" x 10" (25cm x 25cm). A great place to start building castles, skyscrapers, or what ever the imagination can come up with. Suitable for 4 years and above. Some good customer reviews.

Pack of bouncing putty: Inside the pack is a sachet of gunge which can be moulded into any shape. Different colours and packets can be merged to make larger objects and whatever the size or shape of the resulting creation it will bounce with surprising velocity. Even completely irregular shapes will bounce about erratically if thrown. A novel and amusing toy.

Blow Copter (Boys Party Bag Filler): A simple plastic toy which is ideal as a party bag filler.

Wonderworld Wooden Police Car (by DKL): A Vehicle which is just the right size for little hands to play with and to carry around. The car has it's own distinctive operation and comes complete with a driver in the cab. Suitable for 18 months and above.

Super Stomp Rocket Kit (by KTC): This set includes a rocket launcher, 6 re-usable high performance rockets and a jump on stomp pad. All you have to do to propel your chosen projectile a staggering 400ft into the air is place the rocket on the launcher, take a step back and then leap onto the pad with all the force you can muster. There's no need for batteries or fuel and--as the whole set is nice and portable--you can take it to the park, beach or anywhere else that grabs your fancy. Recommended for ages 6 and above.

Cheap Boys Toys from The Toy Shop

Ultra Spider Armour Spider-Man Ben 10 Alien Force Drawing Projector Bakugan Trap Revolution Track Set Spongebob Scooter
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Spongebob Scooter (by Grossman): This superb 2-wheel scooter comes with cool, high quality Spongebob Squarepants graphics. Featuring a rear brake and height adjustable easy grip handles the scooter has an easy fold and lock mechanism so that it can be easily transported and stored. When not in use the scooter has an easy fold and lock mechanism so that it can be easily transported and stored. Suitable for children 5 years and above.

Revolution Track Set (by HTI): Clamp the end of this 5ft (160cm) car stunt track to the edge of a table, and you're ready to perform awesome stunts with your toy cars. Watch your cars race down the slope, rip round the loop-the-loop, and fly through the "ring of fire"! Suitable for age 3 years and above.

Bakugan Trap (by Spinmaster): A great addition to any Battle Brawlers Collection. Each pack includes 1 trap, 1 metallic gate card and 1 ability card. Suitable for ages 5 years and above.

Ben 10 Alien Force Drawing Projector (by IMC toys): This cool drawing projector complete with Ben 10 Alien Force designs is a great addition to any bedroom or desk, simply slide one of the four disks into the projector, turn on the light and your Ben 10 image will appear! Then all is needed is to trace the lines and colour in favourite characters. Recommended for ages 3 years and above.

Ultra Spider Armour Spider-Man (by Hasbro): Detachable spider armour and poseable in five places, includes three Fiercest Foes battle cards.