Barbie Pink Dream Townhouse

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Barbie Pink 3-story Dream Townhouse is Every Little Girl's Fantasyland

Have you ever met a child that didn't enjoy playing dress-up, doctor or house? Not only do children entertain themselves with this type of role-playing game, they also learn as they play. They learn creativity and spark imagination all while their minds work out how real life works. With the Barbie Pink 3-story Dream Townhouse, girls use play to understand and interpret the information around them about life.

That may sound lofty and far-fetched, but psychologists have shown that imaginative role-playing is how children incorporate the realities of relationships between themselves and their environment. Of course, the child doesn't know all that. They just know they're having a blast with Barbie and Ken as they play with their Barbie Pink 3-story Dream Townhouse.

Obviously, the dollhouse has 3 stories but there's a lot more to it than just height. There are five fully-furnished rooms to play in, along with cool accessories and real, working lights throughout. Along with lights, your child will hear the sounds of a normal household such as Barbie as she hums in the shower, the crackling of the fireplace and even the sound of the toilet flushing.

And what home is complete these days without an outdoor living space? The Barbie Pink 3-story Dream Townhouse even has that covered with her outdoor whirlpool tub and patio area, complete with miniature tiki lamps that really light up. This latest version of Barbie's home is really snazzed up but one thing that hasn't changed - it's still in the signature Barbie pink.

The Barbie Pink 3-story Dream Townhouse is over 3 feet tall so you will need a good spot to put it in for playtime. In order to have the sound effects and working lights, the dollhouse requires 6 AA batteries. Fortunately, this is one toy that is still loads of fun even if the batteries die.